itachidango's Journal

I'm a huge JE FAN especially this man

Yamashita Tomohisa

HE'S SO HOTT!!! I LOVE HIM but its not only him there's ryo-chan


nd Jin i love his eyes nd lips da most

Akanishi Jin

nd lastly even though he's no in johnnys or japanese who could resist jaejoong

Jaejoong He's just too pretty alright ive showed the ppl dat i love now lets tell you my personality ummm... well im a usually quiet girl but then i get moments where im just werid nd hyper lol so im pretty unpredictable. if its in music then i like all types of music so i listen to anything that catches my interest but i mostly listen to foreign music then american music as for genres then its rap, rock, pop, techno, some classical music, ummm anything i guess except polka nd bluegrass nd probably some country music i wouldn't listen to with the rest im okay with. lets see well my thoughts are blank on the moment lol so if you have any questions for me then you can give me a message or something.